Radio Frontier is primarily focused on the important, and frequently neglected, Product Strategy ideology that is often misunderstood and typically relegated to the wrong stake-holders in an organization.

Every business has its own unique value and must deliver it to the market under a strategy that reflects its strength. Understanding a businesses differentiators is only one step in the Strategy Development Process, since these values must be understood in context with customer reactions. While consumer industries rely upon understanding the critical mass of patterned behavior, boutique industries, in contrast, often rely on their flexibility and responsiveness in order to effectively position their solutions.  For those businesses set in the middle, the answers  required for success are far more evasive.

In a technology company, business leaders often rely on their technical counterparts to cut through the logistic decision making clutter while they stay focused on the business at hand, usually dedicating most of their valuable time to the sales and financial components of the business.  While most experts are capable of making smart technology decisions, they often do so without considering the whole problem.  Every technology decision has strategic implications that often add risk to the business.  At Radio Frontier, our focus is primarily on the business benefits of decisions most often thought of as technical, or falling within Product Management.  As we engage both with the internal and external parts of the organization, we do so with the eyes of a CEO, moving the business forward while managing risk.

Radio Frontier was founded from the experience of seeing thoughtful technical/product decisions produce profound business obstacles.  We are committed to turning that formula around to enable technology planning to cater to the secure success of the business it serves.


“We learn wisdom from failure much more than from success. We often discover what will do, by finding out what will not do; and probably he who never made a mistake never made a discovery.”   ~ Samuel Smiles


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